Ultrasounds, Hoof check, Dewormer and a surprise!

Today we had a vet visit.  We had a couple of break outs and needed to make sure that nobody was pregnant before the start of the breeding season.  The doe’s and ewe’s were checked, dewormed and given any necessary shots.  Of course it was the first day of fall.  The weather had other plans.  It was so hot.  There was a heat advisory in effect.


Dr.  Johnson and vet tech Lexy make a good team.  My boys were out trying to wrangle the animals into the barn.  Catching the goats.


The sheep don’t quite think this is a good idea.  The thick wool isn’t great for heat advisories.


This little lamb has had a rough year.  He has a wound on his backside that is just not healing very quickly.  Hopefully this winter it will finally get sealed up.  He looks like a fuzzy teddy bear.


This beautiful little goat is Maizy.  As Dr. Johnson did the ultrasound he was startled.  The little nugget was pregnant.  I jokingly said what like 5 days(you can’t even see anything before 45 days).  He looked at me and said um that baby is right there and it is big.  I am thinking at least 100 days.  In mainstream speak she will be delivering in the next month or two at the most!  This year I was so intent on making sure all deliveries were scheduled.  All my animals have really taken it upon themselves to prove me wrong in a lot of areas.  Good thing I have a lot of sweaters ready to go.  Playing a game of who is the daddy because I don’t know!


Just going down the driveway to get the mail.

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