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Munson Daycare Family Picnic

Today was the day of the Munson Daycare family picnic.  We had a blast. The weather was less than favorable.  Cold, misty and windy.  That didn’t stop everyone from having fun.  Food, crafts and animals.  What more can a kid ask for.  Even the adults seem to be having a really good time.

Boris (also known as pushy) is everyone’s favorite again.  People are amazed that I have animals that really are safe to just hang out with in the yard.  My animals crave attention.  All the visitors go home after having a really good time with gentle animals.  Those who are scared when they come usually leave with a new appreciation for animals.  After they leave my animals go through withdrawal waiting for the next group to love on them.

Nobody threw up on the playground equipment!  It is always a gamble when you eat then run around, spin and swing on things.  It is even fun for the big kids (parents).

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