My dream of having a little farm came true when we moved to our acreage in Minnesota.  It has been a lot of rewarding work.  I LOVE tools but won’t shy away from a nice necklace either.  I spend more days covered in dirt and saw dust than I do clean but I am ok with that! The farm has become so much more than I ever dreamt it could be.  My kids play a really big part on our farm.  Over the next couple years we will be creating products for sale from the farm.

It is a place for kids and adults alike to get the experience of learning about animals while getting loved on by the animals.  It is fun for the kids and stress relief for the adults.  Everyone leaves with a smile.

Currently we are in a transtion.  Adding some animals and taking away others.  Looking to add more learning experiences in the future. There will be posts about the farm, remodeling, yummy food and woodworking.

If you would like a tour please contact us to set up a time.  We don’t have any open days yet.