Master Bathroom (part one of……)

Let me set the scene….

The back half of the house had a hallway or maybe what seemed like a hallway from one end to the other.  It started In the sitting room went through the master bedroom, bathroom and into the laundry room.  You could stand on one side with all the doors open and see to the other side of the house.  It was the strangest configuration.  As you walked into the bathroom from the master bedroom on the left was a closet behind folding glass doors.  Then a big space with a sky light above it.  Another closet behind folding glass doors.  Carpet on the floor.  Across from the first closet on the right as you walked through was a single sink, giant mirror with a flourescent light over it.  The same at the other end across from the other closet.  After the sink was a door that took you into the room with a small shower insert with glass doors.  Just a shower.    Tile was an amazing shade of diarrhea green.  Further down there was another door and as you entered that door to the right was a tub with jets.  It had stairs carpeted leading up to it.  We never used the tub to bathe.  It was gross.  To the left was a the toilet.  I called this the pink room.  The walls were pink.  The carpet was mauve.  Of course it had to be trimmed with country flower mauve wallpaper border.  The main “hallway” was a fun flowery green and white wallpaper.  Yet again trimmed with green country flowers.  If you haven’t had the enjoyment of taking off wallpaper I say you should do it once in your life.  It really gives you a new appreciation for any other task.  When we asked the actual contractor that did the remodel of our old farmhouse in the 1980’s he said it was a his and hers bathroom.  Especially if you hate your husband or wife!  You never had to see them or be near them in the bathroom.  I have never seen this in a house.

Remodeling this bathroom was going to be a huge undertaking so it was going to be one of the last projects.  Walls were going to have to come down and be reconfigured.  Electrical and plumbing moved.  This bathroom was going to have a lot of different parts.

So here is a small sampling of the awesome (insert sarcasm) bathroom before.

Let the destruction begin!!!  My boys were super excited to tear stuff up.  They would be crazy mad at me if I didn’t let them let loose with a hammer.  As you will see in the pictures toward the bottom I took out my aggression on the tiny stupid shower.  I got to use my favorite tool with my favorite blade.  Reciprocating saw with a dewalt demolition  blade.  It is my go to when I want to destroy something.  After this demo my body hated me.

Then we had to make a plan.  I knew where I wanted everything.  Making sure that worked was another story.

This is where we are today…..

My ex husband did a fantastic job tiling the bathroom.  The ebony wood is on the ceiling. The vanity and linen closet are a dresser and an armoire that I am repurposing and refinishing.  There is a big walk in closet that I can’t use yet.  So I have my clothes and my dresser in my sitting room.  Also known as the office and workout room.  Currently I shower in the basement small bathroom and get ready in the half bathroom off the living room.  It is a workout just getting ready for the day!

My dream is to have this bathroom done before spring.  Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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