Basement Bathroom

When we moved into this farmhouse the basement wasn’t really a selling point.  The basement bathroom is right off the machine room area.  It contained a gross toilet and an old pedestal sink.  There wasn’t a shower but a pan with a drain and plumbing up the wall.  My boys refused to use that bathroom because it was also infested with spiders.  Over the past few years we used that bathroom for farm duties.  Washing chicken butts, housing baby chicks, getting water for the tortoises, soaking tortoises and a hospital for sick chickens.  I am sure it was used for more things that most wouldn’t do in a bathroom.  In the winter it is so cold in that room that we need to use a space heater.

If we were going to remodel the master bathroom this bathroom had to be done first.  Just because I like to be clean.  Showering is usually something people appreciate you doing if you choose to leave the house.  I had zero desire to use my boys bathroom.  That would be more torture than showering in a cold room.

Is it ever going to be a fancy top of the line bathroom….nope!  It is just a nice, small bathroom that can be used without feeling like it is one step up from an outhouse.  We installed real tile and beautiful fixtures.  There are certain activities that women do (like shaving) that are little complicated in a small shower.  I get goosed by the shower curtain quite often.  I wasn’t planning on it being a shower that was used for an extended period of time.  Most projects take more time than you ever predict.    So here I am two years later still showering in the small cold shower.  Going into another winter going down those stairs to the beautiful bathroom of doom.  This year I will be purchasing a super thick robe and giant slippers.  Make it more of an adventure!  Yes there is a toilet.  Yes there is a sink.  I just neglected to take pictures after they were installed.

When the snow flies it might open up some time to work on the master bathroom.  That is my hope and prayer.

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