The Farm

One Part of the Grove Clean Up

When we moved here it was apparent that there hadn’t been a lot of clean up done in any of the groves or tree areas.  Everything was overgrown and it was almost impossible to get through anywhere.  Then we had an ice storm.  That added to the workload ten fold.  Dead trees and bushes were everywhere.  Widow makers made it dangerous.  When we started cleaning up we kept a lot of the wood for the fireplace and projects.  There was so much to be burned that we had to have a designated spot on the property for years.  It is still there and I am hoping to need to use it less and less.  I was at first afraid of the chainsaw.  Now it is my best friend.  Please note I am not the one in the lift with the pole saw.  I don’t do heights…..

It took years to get this far.  This is always going to be something that needs to be done.  As we get it cleaned up the opportunity will come to plant grass.  This year I haven’t been able to spend much time in the grove and now we are headed into winter.  The list of projects is long and the grove was at the top of the list for a couple of years.  This year it had to go back to the bottom.  It is a magical place in the winter.  I will gladly accept volunteers to continue the clean up!  I might even feed you.  Hahaha!

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