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Second Floor Bathroom

After we purchased this house and moved in the renovations began.  This was about 6 years ago I believe.  This bathroom was completely unusable.  As we got into demo we realized that there had been a leak in the water closet.  They had wrapped towels around the pipes and they were now petrified.  Not mention there was a giant hole that looked down into the kitchen.  The kitchen had a drop ceiling so we had no idea it was there.  It was a nice big bathroom with a lot of potential.  It was going to have to be completely gutted and plumbing moved.  Electrical would have to be updated as well.  Carpet in the bathroom.  YUCK!  Horse wall paper was fun to take down.  This was the first project that our kids helped.  They got addicted to demo.  The only thing we hired done was the plumbing for the claw foot tub.

These pictures were right after it was done.  Since then we have had new windows installed and have yet to put up trim around them. This is my boys bathroom.  You know it doesn’t look like this anymore right……..  Bonus it has a hint of boy funk as its underlying scent!

A shower ring suspended above the tub was installed to convert it into a shower.  I will one day reclaim this bathroom.  It needs more counter space and a few tweaks here and there.

Carpet in the bathroom…..never put carpet in a bathroom.  I don’t know who started this trend but it is gross.


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