Our New Ram Lamb!

After much discussion the boys named him Sergeant Woolly.

Here on the farm we need to add new genetics into the mix but this time our ram Toby passed away and we needed to get another one to breed this year for lambs next year.  He will really be missed.  Toby was so sweet.  Almost every time,  I can look at an animal and know that they belong on my farm.  Gramma’s babydolls is my favorite place to get my babydoll sheep.  Jody Fuller is amazing.  She is a great mentor and breeds amazing animals.  Always available if I find myself in a bind.

My kids and I immediately fell in love with him when we saw him.  He is actually a funny little lamb.  He seems to be having a bit of an identity crisis at the moment.  When we took him out of his travel crate the goats were waiting to greet him.  After that he was hanging with the goats while trying to find his herd of sheep.  Eventually he found them but still hangs out with the goats.  Then I noticed he was drinking like the chickens out of their little nipple waterer.  Even though we gave him his very own bowl of water.

What animal he chooses to be is fine with me as long as he can find his way to the ewe’s and give me some lambs!



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