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Fun with friends!

Friend Week! Let me just say I have some of the best friends a girl can have.

The week started with one of my really good friends from college and her family coming to visit.  I don’t get to see her often but when I do it is like time hasn’t passed. We talk but it isn’t the same as getting to hug her in person.   I get to watch her kids grow.  I love their wonderment when they come to the farm.  They can just run around from animal to animal.  Hearing excitement and giggles is priceless.  The kids have been here before but every time they come I have something new or they just experience it a little different than before.

I made sure to make the pregnancy check of Tegen when they would be here.  There were a lot of questions and funny faces when it happened!

One on each side, perfect.
Sweet Harper
Playset time!
….now you try…..
Carrying Snow White
Gentle Tegen
Who doesn’t want to hug a donkey?!?
Patch making sure he gets in on the love.
I love getting brushed…
Bag of treats…had to get up high.
….now you try….
Natasha hanging out with her human..
Waiting their turns for lovin’
Giving Natasha some love..
Watching the vet pregnancy checking, in the rear end. Priceless!
I found an egg!

Then towards the end of the week we had awesome friends come out to the farm for the first time!  Again, hugs in person and actually being able to talk face to face is priceless.  Newly engaged, I got to check him out.  He is good people.  He even cooked for us and it was delicious!  It is funny because they were adults who had the same experience and expressions as the kids.  They needed a getaway from work and the city life.  This is the perfect place.  We had so much fun hanging out.  They will be coming back next week for a totally different kind of fun.  I am sure I will be posting pictures of that as well.


My dogs would not let them out of their sight!
Tegen the attention hog.
He looks like a farmer!
Poppy is happy.
Me no Me!
Mathias found a friend
Mini Pearl loves humans.

These two worked their rears off helping me clean out the barn!  No I didn’t make them.  They asked to do some hard work while they were here.  I said ok!  I promise if you come to the farm I won’t put you to work unless you ask.  But once you ask you might regret it!

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