The Farm

Friend Visit (Take Two)

As our friends made their way back from Canada they stopped for more farm fun.  I told them this time it was going to be less work and more fun.  Brian asked what I really needed help with and I said building a shelter for my bucks for winter.  All the lumber was in the barn.  He said let’s do it!  There went the less work part.  They thought it was fun to build this structure.  Tamy jumped right in and became one with the screw gun.  It is a good thing that these two are getting married, they are so cute when they work together.  It was an absolutely beautiful day.  We all ended up with sunburns and random tan lines.  Sunscreen what sunscreen…..  Having two extra sets of hands made this project go a lot faster than it would have with just me.

The bachelor pad turned out amazing.  It has ventilation and is screwed to the posts so the straight line winds won’t be able to rip this one apart.  My job now is to get the metal roof on it.  Paint and seal the wood so it will last a long time.  Even though I told them thank you, there just aren’t words to describe how much they have helped me while they were here.  Two major projects that needed to be done before winter can now be checked off the list.  Not to mention just hanging out with good friends having great conversation.

Finally, when the structure was built it was time for some fun.  They brought some guns to target shoot.  My boys got shooting and gun safety lessons.  Brian is a great teacher.  They are actually pretty good.  This wasn’t my oldest son’s first time but it had been a while.  Boris the goat really wanted in on the action.

Of course you have to spend time with the animals.  Harper loves apple pieces!  She licked the bowl clean!  Penelope was really sad when Tamy left.  They became best friends.  Zoe was putty in her hands.  At the end of the night we did chicken round-up to make sure all the hens got locked up in their barn.  A raccoon and a fox are trying to take them out one at a time.







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