Upstairs Bedrooms

When we finally moved into our farmhouse we knew that we were going to need to update and remodel.  What we didn’t realize was that we were going to have to start the first summer we were here.  The upstairs had the bedrooms and bathroom that our kids were going to use.  This was about 6 years ago I believe.  Living in the house you are remodeling with small children is crazy.  I do not recommend it!

It was worse than I thought.  All the carpet had bugs and giant stains from unknown sources.  The kids would not be able to sleep up there until we gutted it and fixed the problem.  The bathroom wasn’t usable.  We found out there had been a leak and no water going to the bathroom.  The boys started sleeping in the living room.

All the carpet was ripped out.  It was replaced by beautiful hardwood floors.  Of course I chose the flooring that was hard and take forever to install.  My back wasn’t too excited about this venture.  Oh the wallpaper removal.  That sucked.  I scraped the popcorn ceilings.  Another task that is messy and will make you hurt for days!  It took a while for my body to recover after these rooms.  Eventually new windows were installed.  New lighting and fans were installed as well.  My (ex) husband did what he could to help but he had a very demanding job.



This is what they looked like right after we were done.  I would love to tell you they still look like this.  However, these rooms were made to be lived in and I have boys.  So now they are dark blue and John Deere green.  Decorated how they wanted them.  I am also having to do new trim after the windows were installed.  I broke down and let the kids have doors.  Knowing all they were going to do was slam those doors when they were fighting.  They still don’t have doorknobs though!


Now one is a teen and a preteen.  Maybe one day I will be able to get them to actually clean their rooms to my specifications so that I can take pictures of what they look like now!  Maybe.

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