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Holy Hay Bales!

Another day in the life of a farmer.  Hay day.  This year was different from previous years.  Different people cutting the hay for me and different people stacking next to me.  I call them family and friends.  The weather was perfect for the hard work.  It was only 80 degree’s and the humidity wasn’t bad.  Pretty much the perfect day.  This farm produces enough hay for the animals that I have and I know the quality.  The quantity was different for the first cutting.  The cows, sheep and goats were grazing on the fresh grass.  They didn’t touch the thistle, of course!  The never-ending fight against the mighty thistle.  The family had their own hay elevator!  This is an amazing contraption.  Without it I load bales into the loader of the tractor and and lift them up to the loft.  Much more time and effort.

The city slickers that helped me stack this year did great.  It was hot in the loft and they weren’t used to doing farm work.  No gloves.  For some reason gloves irritate me when I stack hay so I don’t wear them.  I didn’t have any for them either.  My sister was one of them but you won’t see her pictured.  She didn’t want to be famous!  I checked on then today and everyone is still alive and not too sore.


The gentleman that cut the hay and you see putting the hay on the elevator is not partial to goats.  I think they knew that he wasn’t fond of them.  What does a goat do with this information?  Help of course.

Tegen was doing her part in keeping the younger kids occupied.  She was having a salon day with them.  At one point she fell asleep.

I love the smell of hay.  It has a slight sweetness to its aroma.  I also love seeing hay in the loft of my barn.  It means my animals have something to eat.  Bonus, nobody fell into the holes in the floor.

Now onto the alfalfa/mixed hay-field.  Just planted this year.  It wasn’t supposed to mature until the fall but it is ready to go!  There is so much that it will have to be made into round bales and I don’t have to lift those!




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