Cami’s Twins

Cami was due Wednesday.  I had been watching her and she had all the signs.  After checking on her multiple times in the night without progress I thought I missed the date again this year.


Thursday morning I decided I needed to go inside and get a cup of coffee.  An hour later I went to see how Cami was doing.  I walked in to see her cleaning off her second kid!  This is her second year and she delivered like a pro.  We were only expecting one.  Instead she gave us a doeling and buckling.

They were up and nursing within minutes.  The little buckling decided he would try jumping being only hours old.  I think he might be trouble as active as he is already.  The doeling was following us around to get some lovin’.  Look at those ears!

We let their brother and some of the other goats into the room to see them.  They could hear them and were anxious to say hello.

I took some video of the doeling falling asleep standing up.  Cami didn’t want to lay down so she didn’t know where to go to sleep.

This is a video of the buckling try to jump for the first time!




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