Bettie Boop’s Twins

Bettie Boop had been showing signs that she was getting ready to deliver.  So I continued my middle of the night checks to make sure I could be there if she needed help.


As I wandered half asleep out to the barn I was saying to myself “just a couple of minutes and you can turn around and go back to sleep”.  Well I walked in to find she had just delivered a little ewe lamb!  So much for that sleep I thought was going to happen.

I could see lamb number 2 coming out.  I let her try to deliver the baby.  It was bigger than the first.  As I put my hand in to see what the issue was I realized one leg was back, one was forward and it had a huge head.  Being a first time mom this was going to be a little rough.  I put lube on my hand and tried to help.  After she realized what I was doing she wanted nothing to do with it!  So I had to call my husband out to the barn at 4:15 am to hold her so that we could get the lamb out.  After some wiggling and manipulating it came splashing out.  A big ram lamb with a skunk stripe on his head.

Bettie Boop is a very good mother!   She was talking to them,  cleaning them off and getting them to nurse.  The lambs were up walking within minutes.

They are so cute!!!!  Ram lamb and ewe lamb.


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