Rosie’s piglets

Rosie picked a nice warm day to have her piglets.   But she didn’t wait for someone to help her.  She decided to start popping them out in between the 2 times my husband checked on her!

This morning at 8 am I got a text because I was at my moms house.  5 live, 3 dead and 3 dying.  By the time she was done she delivered 17 piglets.  We only have 9 alive right now.  They are so tiny because there were so many packed in that belly.  Lucky for us she is doing well and has a lot of milk.  

Most of them are doing really well.  They are fighters and getting stronger by the hour.  We have 2 tiny little girls that will be inside getting some extra love and milk.  They aren’t coordinated enough to drink just yet.

We will see how this evening goes.  She has a tendency to forget where they are and lay on them.  It wouldn’t be my first all nighter keeping something alive and it won’t be my last.  My kids and my husband will take turns doing what needs to be done as well.  

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