The Farm

Fall Daycare Day

Ree Homestead had its first hayride during fall daycare day.  It went great.  The kids loved the ride.  Their daycare providers supplied hot chocolate for them to enjoy.  My kids were excited to help get it all setup.  Of course they also enjoyed the ride.

They brought pumpkins to paint when they were done with the hay ride.  A little bit messy but so much fun!


Playing on the playground equipment is always a favorite part of the day.  We didn’t do any official animal petting.  I do let my animals just kind of run around and if the kids want to play with them they are allowed.  The animals that wanted to get loved on ran around with the kids.  Natasha parked herself at the bottom of the steps so they would pet her on the way up!

It was a fantastic day.  It makes my heart happy to have others enjoy my farm as much as I do.

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