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Sanford Clinic Shindig

We hosted the third annual Sanford clinic employee shindig.

This was a record year.  It is always a potluck.  So much amazing food was brought and shared.  

Kids and adults loved the animals. My animals really loved the attention.  They were at the gate this morning looking to see if anyone was coming to play with them. We also moved our playset from the backyard to the animal yard so everyone could enjoy playing.

check out the look on Cami’s face
Natasha wanted to go home with him….

Emma wondering who is going to give her the treat
Tegen getting in on the treat action

Mazy made a new friend
Peek trying to get a peek at the baby

This year I wanted a central location for everyone to eat and enjoy each other’s company. I made tables with benches.  I love them! I also made some fun candy treats!

I am grateful for Sara Henning for coordinating and handling the “business” side of the gathering.  It allows me to make sure the farm is ready and guarantee they will have a good time.

Can’t wait to see what happens next year!

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