The Farm

Cattle Shelter

The cattle shelter is finally done.  After many trips to the store and special orders we had everything we needed to get it completed.  This took three weekends.  My hubby doesn’t have a lot of weekends off so we had to press to get it done.  My hubby was the creative mind behind this creation.  I was just the muscle or assistant.

We started out with the frame.  This bad boy is heavy.


After seeing where it was I hated the location. It blocked so much of what I wanted to see on the farm. So we pulled it with the tractor to a new location just down the hill a bit.

Then we added more 2×6 framing.  Then the structural muscle.  2x6x20 pressure treated tongue and groove.  It is on the bottom half of the building. I thought I had a picture of it right after but I can’t seem to find it!

Then came the roof.  On most farms you recycle materials to keep cost down.  The tin on the roof is what we took off of a brown shed we tore down a couple of months ago.


This is where we got fancy.  Instead of tin all the way around we put up clear polycarbonate  corrugated sheets on the south and east sides.  That will allow the sun to warm it up while blocking the wind and the snow.


Then we put the rest of the left over tin on the north and west sides.  This is the finished product.

Now we are ready for winter.  The calves due at the end of December beginning of January will have a nice warm place to live this winter.

My hubby is not only smart and handsome he is super handy too!

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