Fancy Outdoor Dining Table

My husband has an annual potluck here at the homestead for his co-workers.  Every year I am determined to have tables and seating.  Three years and no tables.  The work on the farm always took precedence over building anything.  This year I have been able to squeeze in some fun building projects.  It took a little while because things kept coming up as they do on a farm.



I finally got it built.  It took a while but the more I put together the more motivated I was to see the end result!  I had to tweak a few things and figure a few things out.  They weren’t coming together like I thought they would.  After a little trial and error, we have all been there, it finally came together.

Then I had to decide what kind of finish I wanted to put on the wood.  Since I am in the dark walnut phase of life right now that is what I chose.

More of the finished product.  I have beautiful decorations to put across the top for the party but the wind was blowing about 35mph.  I will post pics of the benches and decor closer to party time.


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