Railing Bookcase(part 2)

It has happened….the bookcase is finally done.

Today was going to finally be a nice day.  A day that I would be able to open up the windows.  I didn’t really want to lose any brain cells from the stain or poly.  Nor did I feel my kids needed to be stuck with the smell.

The top plate got attached.  Holes filled.  All of it sanded again.  Then I proceeded to finish staining the new wood.  I added another coat to some of the wood I had done before so there wouldn’t be too much of a contrast.

A coat of poly to make her sparkle.  It looks great from the stairs. Especially with the new door at the bottom.  I am in love with this bookcase! I smile every time I look at it.

Then it was time to add some books.  I didn’t realize how many books we have accumulated over the past 12 years!  The books that landed on the shelves are the ones that are somewhat age appropriate.  My kids have read 90% of books pictured.  Maybe they will read them again! The idea was to clear off their other books shelves to open up my office.  Well, we have so many that we will have boxes full stashed in the basement for now.  Maybe we will use them to start a read to the animals event to promote reading.  Decided to add a few of their art projects as well.  They have their paintings on the wall and ceramics on the shelves.

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