Matilda(Tilly)’s doeling and buckling

Tilly is a doe we have had since she was about 8 weeks old.  She was always a little standoffish.  This goat really didn’t want much to do with us.  Then she got pregnant.

That moment she became so loving and sweet!  Almost obnoxious with the amount of love she was requiring.  I was just so excited that she liked me, that I loved on her all the time!

Cami was the goat that I was expecting to go before Tilly.  I had been checking Tilly but honestly, had kind of put her in the back of my mind.  Figured after Cami I would pay more attention.  Well, I happened to feel her ligaments and they were squishy.  How can that be?    That usually means I have 12-24 hours before anything happens.  It got to be about midnight.  She was showing some signs.  I was so tired.  Falling asleep and falling face first into the concrete floor was a real possibility.  So I decided that I would go inside take just a two-hour nap.  That’s all just two hours!  When I left she was getting some comfort from Cami.  You know, that goat that was supposed to have her kids already.


I pulled myself out of bed expecting to just go check and see nothing happened and walk my rear back to bed.  I opened the door and saw Tilly was eating something!  I went to look and saw two kids!  That little nugget waited until I was gone to have those kids.  I guess she wanted a bit of privacy.  She did so good.  They were all cleaned up and walking around. We weren’t sure how many she was carrying.  It took us a little while to have an ultrasound done so they were too big to see more than one.


I quickly woke up and squealed.  Then ran back inside.  My kids were having some friends over for a sleepover and of course my son and one other were still awake.  They came out and got to see the kids.  They were so excited.

A quick checked to find out we had one buckling and one doeling.  The little brown one is a girl and the multi colored one is a boy.  The doeling came in weighing a whopping one pound fifteen ounces.  The buckling was a little heavier at two pounds six ounces.  They are already gaining weight.

Tilly has been a great mom.  They are nursing well.  The family got moved to the pen just outside of the birthing room so Cami could have her kids when she was ready.  Tilly has one more day of being a fulltime mom before she can have a little bit of time with her friends.  She wasn’t really excited about that and broke out twice!  She is now contained until I am ready for her to have lunch with her friends.

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