The Farm

The Farm

Our journey on this farm started 5 years ago.

You could barely see the house through the clutter. We couldn’t even get to all the out buildings because the mud was so bad.  Our intention was to move closer to my family.  Moving cross-country we had two days to find a home.  They were only able to show us a handful.  We didn’t like any of them.  I could see the potential of this place.  It felt right.  So that moment we put in an offer.

It really needed a lot of work.  In total it is 23 acres.  The farm has tillable, hay, pasture, grove, and livable areas.  The previous owners had let the property fall apart.  The buildings were full of junk.  We were aware that the owner was a hoarder and they were taking out a trailer full even when we were signing the papers to close on the house.  The barns were full of old hay, raccoon carcasses, poop,trash, urine filled straw and appliances.

Oh and you know still living raccoons and their offspring!

Hurdles to jump and equipment to buy.  Here is the farm today.  In all of its glory.  With more of my blood, sweat and tears than I want to admit.  I have had some help here and there from family and friends. Hired a farm hand for a summer to help me knock out a big chunk of tree clean up.

I will be doing  a blog post for each building with a before and after (including the exterior of the house).  The post will say who lives there and what its purpose is on the farm.



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