Peek A Boo, Miss Marsha, and Jinxie (update)

I just wanted to give an update on the new kids.  All three are absolutely beautiful.  Some of you are wondering how they are growing.  Having triplets your first time out of the gate was a little much for Petunia.  She may have enough milk for all three but for some reason she doesn’t want all of them to eat.  Peek is the smallest and fought for her place at the table.  Petunia hasn’t rejected her but won’t let her nurse.  They all hang out and she cares for her.

Peek is doing great.  She loves to snuggle.  We now bottle feed her 3 sometimes 4 times a day.  My youngest loves to feed Peek.  My oldest just carries her around!  She is gaining about a pound a week.  Her new best friend is Penelope the bassett.  She loves everyone.  Peek is up for an adventure but sometimes she would rather climb on the rocks or take a nap!  She looks like a mini Lolli.  Petunia may think her kid should be Lolli’s and that she should feed her. Haha.

Miss Marsha is laid back and sweet.  She loves her mom and her sisters.  If someone gets away from her she hollers until she can find them.  Miss Marsha has a really good set of lungs.  You can hear her yelling from across the farm!  The last time I could measure her she had gained 2.5 pounds since birth.  She is much bigger now but I can’t get her to sit still long enough to get a weight on her! Most of the time she is right by her mama’s side.


Jinxie is wild!  She is hard to contain.  If you want to catch her you better be up for a challenge.  That sweet little thing will run and dash just to stay out of your reach.  Once you catch her she will snuggle down and fall asleep in your arms.  I call her my little adventurer.  The other two will be sound asleep in their crate and Jinxie will be looking for new friends.  She has had a couple of run ins with the turkeys.  Jinxie is faster and makes a quick get away after running into a bunch of them.



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