Lolli’s Triplet Bucklings

This is a late post.  Lolli actually had her kids a while ago but it has been crazy around here.  That works well because I get to show you updated pictures.

When Lolli went into labor we knew she had at least two kids.  To our surprise she had three!  They came out in order of size.  The smallest first, the middle nugget came backwards making way for the larger more independent buckling.  It is amazing how their personalities came through right out of womb.  After having a rough first labor last year we kept a close on eye her.  This year Lolli rocked her delivery.

Lolli is an amazing mom.  She handles three like a pro.  All three of them are all really independent.  The little white one is the most affectionate.  We have named him Nibbles McNibbles.  He loves to give kisses and nibble.

They are getting so big.  The two bigger ones have blues eyes and the little white one has bluish-green eyes.


Here are some videos of the cuteness.


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