Morgan’s Ram Lamb

It finally happened.  Two weeks after we thought she would deliver.  That was a lot of sleepless nights.  She is a first time mom.  We wanted to make sure everything went smooth.  The last one of our animals to have a baby this spring.  I was really ready to be done and get one with some other projects.

When I went out to check her last night I noticed that she was acting more restless than usual.  You could tell she was having contractions.  That process can take a while.  I went back out an hour later just to see if she was really in labor and how long I might be awake.   Morgan was progressing.

I got down close with a flashlight to see if I could see anything peeking out and whoosh a giant splash of water roared out.  It almost splashed me in the face!  Gross!  Pushing a little more another bag was visible.  Inside the bag I could see a hoof.  Morgan was pushing pretty hard and I could just see a nose.  This lamb was going to be rather large.  Where was the other leg?

Morgan has just started to let me pet her.  She is kind of timid.  I was worried that if I had to help her she would fight me.  I lubed up and just felt around to see if the other off was just back a little bit.  Nope.  The leg was all the way back and bent.  Great!  She knew I was there to help and just stood there.  What a good girl.

So, I went elbow deep.  I had to push the little nugget all the way back in and find its leg.  As I grabbed the leg it easily went into position.  From there I grabbed both legs and put one had one its head and directed it from behind the pelvis.  Out it came with a splash!  Some have asked why I get up and check on my girls until they deliver.  This is why.  My girls mean the world to me.  It is worth the sleepless nights.  Morgan was trying my patience with this late delivery! I wasn’t sure how many more nights I was going to last.

Morgan looked at him and was smitten.  Talking and cleaning commenced.  Of course I looked to see the sex.  Another ram lamb!  We are overrun with boys this year.  He really is a cutie.  Nursing within minutes.   I gave her some pain meds and antiobiotics to make her feel better.  I was in bed before midnight and had a wonderful night of sleep.

I love listening to them talk and interact.

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