Front Porch(my favorite place) Part 1

The house was all versions of brown.  Not my favorite.  We were in a time crunch to paint.  If the exterior wasn’t painted it would rot and it would have to be replaced.  Wood clapboard needs to be sealed.  Putting on all new siding was not an option.

Looking for painters was daunting.  They would say they were coming and give estimates and never show up.  After many calls I came to the realization this was going to have to be done…by us.  It sucked…I mean was amazing.

Designing this front porch was fun.  I could see it all coming together in my head.  Everything fell into place to create this masterpiece.  Added railings around the porch.  Dogs and small children warranted the structure.

After the hard work and seeing the transformation it was worth it.  I say this is part one because this was done about 3-4 years ago.  The furniture isn’t conducive to lounging.  The wicker furniture will be in the yard to make a little sitting area for visitors.  Part 2 will include the new furniture that I will be making.  This porch requires a spot for naps, reading and drinking coffee.  It is my favorite place to write and reflect.  So peaceful, and the view is amazing.  Just not comfy yet.  It looks pretty but I want to lounge.  Plus, there is some paint that needs to be touched up. Always.

Landscaping has changed.  Some plants have died and the chickens scratched out my mulch.  Now requires rock.


Exterior of the house before. Porch was open with brown and yellow paint.
All hands on deck!
Love the lighting.
Red is my favorite color and these were perfect.
The string lights I found worked perfect.
Plants and rocks.
Chair before.
View from the corner.
View from the sliding patio door.
View towards the house.
View towards the corner.
So peaceful at night.

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