Nutmegs Ram Lamb

Nutmeg surprised me with her lamb this morning.  I wasn’t watching her at all.  Barely bagged up and not acting like anything was going to happen.  This morning I went out to the barn to feed Muttonchop a bottle.  Looked at the others that I was sure were going any day.  Nothing was happening.  Got the kids up drank some coffee.  We headed out to feed the rest of the animals.  I was gone less than an hour.


Opened the door and there she was cleaning up a lamb!  She wasn’t in a pen because I wasn’t expecting her to deliver for a few days.  So my boys and I got her into the birthing room away from everyone else.

Nutmeg is a really good mom.  That ram lamb was getting cleaned up and nursing in less than five minutes.  They talk to each other and it sounds so sweet.

He is so sweet.  The little nugget is already trying to jump and run.  I love how quick they get up and play.

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