Ferdinand, Bella and Harper (updates)!

Spring is here and our calves are getting bigger.  Each one has different personality coming out.

Ferdinand the Bull is very quiet.  He is a go with the flow kind of calf.  Nothing really upsets him.  He enjoys long naps and playing with the others. He is so sweet.  Just look at that face!

Bella is almost ready to be on her own.  She is very independent.  High spirited is what you call her.  Bella is very silly!  She is beautiful.  Love her flowing hair.

Miss Harper Lee is as sweet as they come.  I love just hanging out with her.  She loves to be brushed and pet.  Harpers hair is awesome!  Look at that red tuft on her head. The other calves are her friends.  Ferdinand just stands there while she licks all over his head.  Bella is her gal pal to run around the pasture.

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