Sheep shearing day!

This is our first year lambing.  We knew we needed to shear them before they delivered.  Sometimes life gets in the way and we were scrambling to find someone close that would come to our homestead.  This year our flock has grown.  Normally we just load up the few we have and take them to our shearer.  On the referral of a friend we found a wonderful woman.  She worked us in and at a time that was convenient for us because she knew our life was pretty crazy.

They are my sheep so I am the one who does all of the arranging.  This year I couldn’t be there.  So my husband stepped in to fill my roll.  

The shearer did such a lovely job.  My sheep look so beautiful.  However it is really hard to tell who is who after.  They look completely different without their wool.

I am pretty sure they are mad at me because it is still pretty chilly outside and I just took their coat.  We gave them extra hay to keep warm.  

I kept the wool this year and will try my hand at spinning  yarn.  It might go good or I might completely suck at it.  I won’t know if I don’t try!

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