Penny’s Piglets

After a long wait Penny finally had her piglets!

This was our first litter on the homestead. We watched and waited for every sign of her impending delivery.  She was really uncomfortable.  A lot of grunts and groans.  It seemed like it took her 30 minutes just to lay down!  Then we waited.  See one sign and wait.

Wednesday at 5am I went to check on her.  She had just delivered her first baby.  So I called my husband to come out and we waited.  Spaz is the cat friend to all the animals.  He knew something was happening and wouldn’t leave Penny.  He sat in the hot box waiting for the piglets.

My husband decided to go in and couldn’t feel a piglet.  After about an hour we decided to call the vet.  I have smaller hands so I started to feel for a piglet.  It was already on its way out.  We kept looking for milk.  No signs of milk coming in.  Yikes!   She delivered 5 live piglets.  One passed after only being out for a couple of minutes. It was not ready to come out yet.

Penny delivered the placenta but seemed to still be pushing.  My husband headed to the vet to get pitocin to help her with her milk and get out any remaining placenta.

He was gone for about an hour and she was still pushing.  Once he gave the pitocin within about 5-10 minutes she was pushing hard and we watched to make sure the placenta delivered.  We didn’t want her to get an infection.

Well, another piglet came out.  Then more placenta.  Then a couple more piglets!  Then more placenta.  Then another piglet!  Of course more placenta.

There was a total of 8 live piglets and one that didn’t make it.  I was hoping for 5.  I could handle 5 with our first farrowing.  Teach me to put a number on how many I want. They all stayed toasty warm in their hot box until everyone was ready to eat.  Look at those wrinkly butts!

Then everyone found a place at the dinner table.  They have learned where the milk and heat is located.

Penny has been a very good momma.  So far she hasn’t rolled on anyone and she hasn’t eaten anyone.  Parenting goals.  Hahahahaha.

Now we are really prepared for her sister to farrow in just a few days.  Got one under our belt.



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