Blue’s baby Bella

This morning I went out to check on our cow Blue.  She had been acting funny the past couple days.  Even though she wasn’t due for another three weeks.  As I walked down the field it looked like Blue was trying to break out.  She was staring through the fence.  The other animals were yelling about something.  As I glanced through the hot wire there was this little ball of fur.  Cold and wet. Of course I forgot my cell phone.  Couldn’t call the boys to turn off the hot wire.  So I walked all the way back up got the wire turned off and got her with her momma.   It is a little heifer.

It was not the ideal day to be born. Cold, wet and muddy.  So I spent the day warming her up and trying not to get killed by her mother.  Blue is not a fan of me.  She finally nursed this evening and was romping around.

We are all already smitten by her.  My husband had the honor of naming her.  He really wanted a heifer calf and  he was sure it was going to be a bull.  Absolutely shocked it was a heifer.  After work my hubby spent some time with her and decided her name was going to be Bella.  It really fits her.  Bella is sweet, snuggly, and fun.

Deciding to bottle feed or let her momma raise her for a bit is still a decision we are contemplating.  It all depends on how her momma acts.  Under the advisement of a brilliant professional we are letting her try to see what happens.  I am guarded because this momma won’t let me near the calf.  So if something happens it will be interesting to try to get Bella into the barn.  I told my husband that he is on call for the farm.  If I need to get her out then he has to come home to watch my back!

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