Lolli’s little Annabelle

Lolli is a new arrival this year to the farm.  We got her already bred.  She was going to be my very first delivery on the farm.  That was terrifying.  So I started researching and researching.  I watched videos of normal births. Read all the different positions they can come out and what to do.  Ultrasound showed that she was having twins.  Watching her became a sport.  Reading all the signs to look for I felt somewhat prepared.  Then to read that she may not show any of them…..nice!  She didn’t show any of them.


I went out for my normal 3:30 check and noticed that she may be in labor.  Yep she was in labor.  Oh my goodness she is in labor!!!  After a little while of pushing the tiniest little doeling made her way into the world.  Her ears were all squished and she was very fragile.  Didn’t really want to get up but was alive.

One more to go.  Lolli stopped pushing!  Called my husband and got him out of bed.  It took us an hour to get the next one out.  It was a very large breech buckling.  Sadly, he didn’t make it.  The reason that the little doelings ears wouldn’t stand up is because her brother ate all of her food and squished her in the womb.

Focus turned back the tiny little nugget that did make it.  It was cold outside and she was so small.  She required a sweater to stay warm.  Lolli was a first time mom. She had a rough delivery.  She had no idea what she was doing.  We would try to get the doeling to nurse but Lolli would jump and run.  It was like she was scared of her kid.  I had to scramble to milk Lolli and get it in a bottle.  This itty bitty needed colostrum!  A call went out to a more seasoned goat owner.  She was amazing.  I got walked through what to do first and what was important.


It was okay to take the kid away.  The mom would not reject her.  The little doeling was brought into the house and put on a heating pad and fed small amounts of colostrum from a bottle.  She started to come around and get a little more energy.  She still wasn’t standing.  Every couple of hours we would take her back to the barn and put her on Lolli and for the first few times Lolli would jump up and run away.  This was going to be a long process.  I had zero desire to have a bottle fed baby.  I was already exhausted.  Eventually Lolli figured it out and would lay there while the little doeling nursed.  Then we brought the doeling in to warm her up.  She was a little snuggle bug.


Then she ended up with an upper respiratory infection!!!!  What?!?!  Off to the vet we go.  Daily shots of antibiotics is what it took to get her over the hump and keep it from turning into pneumonia. I kept in touch with my mentors.  They told me I was doing everything right and were amazed that this was how my first delivery was going.  I was doing well with all the obstacles thrown my way.

We decided to have a special sweater made just for her because she was so tiny.  A wonderful woman went to task making exactly what I needed.  It turned out beautiful and fit perfect.  Isn’t she the cutest!


After she turned the corner I let my hubby name her.  He named her Annabelle.  Little Annabelle is a fighter.  She is the sweetest little kid.  We spent a lot of time snuggling and napping together.  I would take time with her so that Lolli could go and be a regular goat with her friends for a little while.  Lolli turned into an excellent mom.  She finally figured it out.

Annabelle had all that milk to herself!  She started growing pretty fast.   Now she is a nice little fat nugget.  Her favorite things to do are romp, play, climb and go visit the other animals. She is my first and we will always have that bond.  I still pick her up love on her and snuggle.

This delivery is why I was up for a month watching Petunia.  What could go wrong, did with Lolli.  I was really nervous about how it would go with Petunia.  Her delivery was great and she is a good mom from the beginning.  Now I have a terrible delivery and a fantastic delivery under my belt!  The posts are a little flip-flopped because I didn’t have my blog up and going when Annabelle was born.  She definitely deserved her story to be told.

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