Picnic Tables

My sister and her friend will be bringing out their daycare’s for a farm visit tomorrow.  (One of my favorite days of the year.) They always have lunch while they are here.  The last couple of times the kids ate on the porch or on the ground.  This year I wanted to have a fun place for the kids to be able to eat. I  went to ana-white.com to find some plans!  She did not disappoint.  I love working with my hands.  There should be a resurgence of fresh-cut wood smell cologne.  Just saying!

So I went to work.  Me, miter saw and my new kreg-jig.  I got to use my new kreg-jig!  Now I want to make as many things as I can so I can use it.  One day I will have my woodworking shop done but until then the driveway in the hot sun is where it’s at!

Back to the tables.  They turned out better than I could have imagined. It was so fun making them.  I felt like I was channeling my inner Uncle Sky.  (an amazing woodworker/carpenter who thinks I can do no wrong)  Every one needs an Uncle Sky in their lives!

Now the fun part of deciding how to finish them.  One of these beauties will be making its new home at my sister’s house.  She gets to decide how that one will look.  We will be adding an umbrella to that table.  Don’t want those littles getting too hot while trying to eat their lunch.  I will finish mine with stain.  I have so many colors from past projects.  The tough part choosing one!

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