Blue and Sweetie Pie

Yesterday my hubby made the long jaunt to pick up our two new pregnant Highland cows.  Both are 4 years old.  They are majestic and beautiful.  So far they are a little standoffish.  It takes a couple of days for them to adjust and realize that we are incredible people.  Wink, Wink.  Eventually our treats and brushing will win them over.  Both are due around Christmas.  It would be awesome to have some Christmas babies.  Maybe not as excited about doing it in the cold but oh well!

Blue is a gorgeous dunn color.  She is a bit on the shy side.  It appears that she will be the low girl on the totem pole.  Yesterday I hid a handful of grass in my sweatshirt and took it to her.  I was not detected by the other cows and I made a new friend.  All of it was eaten out of my hands.  I gravitate toward the underdog.

Sweetie Pie is a lovely light red color.  I am pretty sure she is establishing herself as the queen bee!  So far she has licked me and that is as friendly as we are at this point.  I will win her over.  She is super sweet.

My hubby just goes in and sits with them. He is their trainer and biggest fan.  Highland cattle are like big dogs.  It is a great form of stress relief.




Sweetie Pie

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